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Knee Pain Specialist

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Chronic knee pain can prevent you from staying physically active. Whether pain results from a degenerative condition or an injury to your knee, Ojedapo Ojeyemi, MD, and Matthew Roh, MD, are experienced in diagnosing and alleviating pain. At their offices in Germantown, Frederick, and Waldorf, Maryland, Dr. Roh and Dr. Ojeyemi provide customized treatment that includes conservative therapies and surgery. Don’t delay a diagnosis of chronic knee pain. Call the office nearest you today or book an evaluation using the online feature.

Knee Pain

What causes knee pain?

Chronic knee pain can develop in one or both of your knees due to an underlying medical condition or because of trauma to the structures of your knee.

Some of the most common issues that result in chronic knee pain include:

  • Sprains
  • Arthritis
  • Inflammation
  • Overuse injuries
  • Cartilage tears

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the main ligament in the knee that provides stabilization, is also a leading cause of chronic knee pain.

You could be at increased risk of developing persistent knee pain as you age and if you’re overweight, which can put unnecessary pressure on your knee joint.

How is knee pain diagnosed?

To reduce the likelihood your condition will worsen, don’t delay a diagnosis of chronic knee pain. Dr. Roh and Dr. Ojeyemi offer on-site diagnostics like X-rays and MRIs to evaluate the health of your knee joint and determine what’s causing your pain.

They also review your medical history and usually activities that could be the cause of or contributing to your pain.

What treatments are available for chronic knee pain?

Treatment depends on the type and severity of your knee condition. Initially, Dr. Roh and Dr. Ojeyemi will recommend restricting your physical activity and taking over-the-counter medications to reduce pain and inflammation.

If your pain is the result of a degenerative condition that breaks down the knee joint, you could benefit from steroid injections to relieve pain or regenerative medicine therapies, including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections.

PRP therapy uses growth factors from your own blood to stimulate the growth of new, healthy tissue in the knee joint. Treatment can provide long-term relief from knee pain due to degenerative disease or injury.

In situations where damage to the joint or soft tissues of the knee is severe, Dr. Ojeyemi will often recommend surgery to repair or reconstruct the knee. Many surgical techniques are minimally invasive, requiring less recovery time and a reduced risk of scarring.

Dr. Ojeyemi can determine which type of surgery is best for your condition, with the goal of providing long-term pain relief, joint stability, and enhanced knee function.

Don’t let chronic knee pain change how you live life. Schedule a diagnostic evaluation of chronic knee pain and other symptoms by calling the office nearest you or by booking an appointment online today.