Dana S.

Dana S.

I have been going to this practice for over 2 years now. Previously, under different ownership, it was "American Spine." I have been in "pain management" for over 8 years, after having back surgery. I've moved around a bit too, so I've been to doctors in MD, GA, NJ, and back to MD. Also, I am one who was unfortunately given way too much medicine, for way too long, causing a chemical addiction I didn't even realize I had. I'm sharing all this only to establish some credibility and hopefully help someone find the answers they need! 

Orthopedic and Wellness has DILIGENTLY been making changes to improve. Over the last 3 months, they have been absolutely remarkable with their business operations. So, the wait time is minuscule, and the waiting area is comfortable and is no longer standing room only. The staff had changed and grown, and they are all delightful. I get to see my favorite PA of all time, Kara, every visit. Even the checkout process has changed, and it is quick and easy! All my prescriptions are sent digitally, and it has been a flawless system, which is UNHEARD OF!

I have FINALLY been able to make strides towards wellness!! I am better now than I've been in 8 years, and I'm progressing rapidly! 

If you are abusing the system and abusing prescription drugs, then you won't be happy here. If you are afraid to have your medicine decreased, and it's been a struggle for you, this is the best place for you!! They are compassionate and kind. They allow you to be part of the process and decision making, and they take time to educate you. I personally needed to take baby steps, and they accommodated me, allowing me to make such incredible progress, comfortably!! 

Dr. Roh is FANTASTIC! He is that *superdoc* that cares so much, works so hard, and is extremely genuine and sincere! I am so so happy with Orthopedic and Wellness!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

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