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Drop foot is a condition that is characterized by an inability to manipulate the toes or ankles of a foot. This condition can prevent a person from raising their foot at the ankle, pointing their toes, or moving their ankle inward and outward. The specialists at Orthopedic & Wellness explain what causes drop foot.
Years prior to these findings, similar studies were conducted on adults to determine the relationship between mental health disorders and chronic pain. Although there is no simple explanation for the phenomenon, many researchers have found chronic pain, depression, and anxiety share a common link. Now, the same can be said for children, teens, and young adults.
Chiari malformation is a relatively common condition that causes brain tissue to extend downward into the spinal canal. This condition falls under two major categories. Chiari malformation type I occurs during fetal development, causing symptoms later in life. Chiari malformation type II is present at birth. The specialists at American Spine explain what Chiari malformation is and whether or not it’s hereditary.
A burst fracture is a descriptive medical term that explains what happens when spinal vertebrae are severely crushed. Due to the nature of burst fractures, it’s not difficult to understand why these injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents and traumatic falls. When a strong force is applied to the spinal column, vertebrae become susceptible to serious damage and may burst into small fragments.
Cervical myelopathy is a nervous system disorder that affects the neck. This condition often arises when the spinal cord is compressed in the neck, which can occur from natural wear and tear to spinal vertebrae. The spine specialists at Othopedic & Wellness discuss the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for patients suffering from cervical myelopathy.
The spine experts at Orthopedic & Welless specialize in an approach called endoscopic surgery. The physicians explain how it differs from open spine surgery.
PRP injection therapy is proving to be an effective treatment for arthritic conditions like osteoarthritis of the knee.
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The physicians at American Orthopedic and Wellness Center discuss how a patients' age may affect post-operative complications from spine surgery.
Doctors have used Ketamine for other uses in the past, but researchers are now finding that it may be used to treat depression in an entirely new way.