We offer minimally invasive and endoscopic spine and orthopedic surgery by a fellowhip trained surgeon with world class experience.

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We are trying our best to make patient satisfaction second only to the quality of healthcare provided at Orthopedic & Wellness. This is why we would love to hear back from our patients so that we can make the necessary improvements to make your experience with us be the best that it can be. Please click here to see how you can help us achieve excellence in healthcare.   Thank you!



Patient Success Stories

Dana S.

Orthopedic and Wellness has DILIGENTLY been making changes to improve. Over the last 3 months, they have been absolutely remarkable with their business operations. So, the wait time is minuscule, and the waiting area is comfortable and is no longer standing room only. The staff had changed and grown, and they are all delightful. I get to see my favorite PA of all time, Kara, every visit. Even the checkout process has changed, and it is quick and easy! All my prescriptions are sent digitally, and it has been a flawless system, which is UNHEARD OF!



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