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What Is Endoscopic Surgery And How Is It Performed?

Monday, June 26, 2017
Blog Snapshot:
  • The board certified pain management and spine specialists at Orthopedic & Wellness perform a   number of endoscopic procedures to help patients suffering from various spinal conditions.
  • “Endoscopy” is a medical term that describes looking into the body using a special instrument called an endoscope. This word is often used to describe how minimally invasive surgeries are performed.
  • In this blog, the team at Orthopedic & Wellness explains what endoscopic surgery is and how it’s performed.
The physicians at Orthopedic & Wellness specialize in endoscopic and minimally invasive surgery, as well as pain management and regenerative medicine. To help patients suffering from severe chronic pain caused by various spinal conditions, the team may recommend an endoscopic procedure to provide long-term pain relief with less downtime, the risk of infection, blood loss, and more, when compared to other, interventional pain care options.
Although interventional pain care (i.e. steroid injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, etc.) is incredibly effective at reducing back pain safely and without the use of opioids, there are instances where these techniques don’t work for everyone.
That’s where endoscopic spine surgeries come in. The full list of procedures can be found in the “Treatments” section of the website, but to give you an idea of what the team can do, there are 12 different procedures the physicians specialize in for patients with chronic pain from a spinal injury, condition, or deformity.  
What Is Endoscopic Surgery?
Endoscopic surgery is a unique surgical technique that uses a flexible, highly advanced scope with a camera attached to view parts of the body. This type of surgery requires a small incision, typically 6 to 9-millimeters long, which helps keep vital muscles intact. This in turn reduces blood loss and lowers the risk of infection. It also cuts down on post-op recovery time.
How Is Endoscopic Surgery Performed?
Before surgery, patients receive general anesthesia to reduce their level of discomfort. In the operating room, a small incision is made and a series of tubes are positioned into the area being operated on. As mentioned previously, this technique eliminates the need to tear or cut muscle.
As soon as the last tube is inserted, an arthroscope will be put into the tube. This device will have a video camera attached to it to help physicians view the operative site. Other instruments are used to remove pieces of a damaged disc, facet joint, or obtrusive material.
Once the surgery has been performed, the patient will be sewn up and sent to a room to recover. A physician will go over post-operative instructions with the patients to ensure proper healing. To learn more about endoscopic surgery, visit our “Treatments” section, or call 240-629-3939 to schedule an appointment with a physician!
At Orthopedic & Wellness, we are committed to a minimally invasive approach to promote efficient pain control, higher functioning, and better quality of life! If you or someone you love is suffering from chronic pain, orthopedic, neurosurgical or spine issues don't hesitate to make an appointment by calling 240-629-3939.
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