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Orthopedic & Wellness, LLC is a multi-specialty practice dedicated to treating painful spinal conditions using state of the art techniques. Orthopedic & Wellness physicians are leaders in endoscopic and minimally invasive spine surgery, offering you a safe and effective alternative to open neck or back surgery. We continue to perfect these procedures either through an advanced surgical approach or using specialized surgical instruments known as Spine PulseTM. Our spine surgeons perform arthroscopic/endoscopic spine procedures just like orthopedic surgeons perform arthroscopies of the peripheral joints such as knees and shoulders. Spine PulseTM  surgeries are mostly done to correct spinal stenosis or herniated discs and can eliminate pain and disability in a 1 hour procedure using light sedation, intra-operative nerve monitoring and local anesthesia. For herniated and degenerated discs or stenosis of the cervical, and lumbar spine, the best and most recent medical evidence has shown that outpatient endoscopic spinal surgery provides equal outcome results with less cost, faster recovery and fewer complications to than traditional open spine surgery. 
Spine PulseTM surgery is usually done using light sedation, and sometimes under general anesthesia. Mechanical and automated instruments, and sometimes laser and/or bi-polar radio frequency assisted technology may be used to clean out the diseased disc and bony spurs. Recovery from the procedure is usually 1-2 weeks.  Endoscopic spine surgery allows the surgeon to correct spine and disc conditions, minimizing the risk of complications caused by open back surgery. Surgical incisions are minimal, recovery is quicker and there is less scar formation. The function of spinal musculature is expected to return to normal after rehabilitation since they incur minimal trauma with this technique. Each day, patients come into Orthopedic & Wellness for spinal surgery and walk out that same day with their conditions effectively treated.
Contact Orthopedic & Wellness today at info@orthopedicwellness.com to coordinate or attend a seminar, or to learn more about Spine PulseTM  and other important advances in modern spinal care.
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