Stephen S.

Stephen S.

Name: Stephen S.                    Occupation: Director of IT


How did you hear about American Spine Center and our providers:
I have experienced pain as early as 2003 from an injury, and began “comparative shopping” in 2009. I was going to physical therapy at the time, and a former patient referred me to American Spine. I went to multiple doctors and they all said there is nothing we can do for you, it’s all in your head, don’t return, and even recommended a neuro stimulator as an option to manage my pain. Then I found Dr. Said Osman in Alabama.

How did your pain affect your life before?
I had to cut back on ALL physical activity. I was not able to swim as I enjoyed before. I didn’t go to birthday parties or social events due to my pain. If I did, I had to leave early due to the pain, go home to take pain medication, and go to sleep. I was not able to work 40 hours a week. I found myself sacrificing things in my life to deal and manage the pain.

How was your visit with the physician and providers before your surgery?
After talking to Dr. Osman, he told me to send my MRI for him to look at and see what he could do. He got back to me and described the symptoms I may experiencing from his observations of my MRI. I was shocked because he was dead on on describing my pain and symptoms. It was refreshing to receive clarity and an answer . It felt good to see an effort to help from a doctor. The clarity and precision of his diagnosis was great. While others tried to solve the problem through trial and error, Dr. Osman made a careful diagnosis. He was innovative, yet he wanted to minimize structural damage and recovery time.

Explain your recovery time after the surgery.
After 2 weeks I felt better today than before the surgery and I continue to improve.


What things are you able to do now that you have had the surgery?
I can work with no problem, when before I had to leave early some days just to go take medication to decrease pain. I am able to attend family functions without compromising my schedule or life, and my social life has returned. Today, I went to lunch and was able to sit and have lunch without pain. I am excited to try swimming, something I was not able to do before!

How has it changed your life?
I am able to work, be social again and see movies. I am able to have options when it comes to my life. I can now return to meetings and sit in a chair like everyone else.

What would you tell someone who is experiencing the same things you have prior to your treatment?
Make sure you understand what you are giving up when it comes to your surgery. Also manage your expectations of reduction in pain.

What would you like to say to the providers at American Spine or to your doctor?
Dr. Osman, “ I am very grateful for your amount of care. Dr. Osman is a good man. Genuinely cares. He is moved by suffering and that is impressive. First thing he did when he came home from an international trip was give me a call, just to see how I was doing. He was concerned and I am very grateful. Pain is personal and I am very impressed. The level of care and treatment in one package deal is very nice. The level of human concern and well being continues to impress me. “

Stephen S.

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