Sharon Taylor

Sharon Taylor

Today was a very good day for me and I feel compelled to let you know how you (and the doctors and physician’s assistants) at American Spine improve the lives of your patients. Feel free to share with anyone you want.

That addition of Dilaudid has made such a difference. Although there is still pain, I can now walk without support, had a much relieved weekend and I had a very productive day at work today. Thank you so much! I don’t understand how that medication works, but being able to cut out the muscle relaxers,  I can focus again and it doesn’t give me that goofy high. I would say my pain has gone from a 10 to a 7 just in the last few days.

I was close to really screwing up my job after my last car accident and now I’m back on track. In addition to my normal pain regiment, the car accident forced me to have to take action to relieve the increased pain. The advice of my family practitioner was to take muscle relaxers and high levels of naproxen. Not only was it making me feel like a zombie, but killing my stomach and not only could I not work, but had no motivation to even get out of bed. The regiment you had me on before the last accident was working very well and after this last car accident, the decision to add Dilaudid and Motrin to help the acute pain during the day, instead of all the muscle relaxers and Tramadol that my family practitioner wanted me on, has made all the difference. At night, the muscle relaxers are fine, but during the day now my focus is sharp, and I actually look forward to getting out of bed and heading to work. It so happens today I made a very important sale with a prominent law firm, massively important for our company during this down economy. Last week, I had to work from bed and couldn’t focus on work. But this weekend and after today this new regiment has saved my reputation and has given me hope after a very difficult month. Thank you!

Rarely do you find a doctor these days that actually “listen” to the needs of the patient and respond without an agenda. American Spine has helped me in ways that my “money seeking surgeon” and other doctors could never do. After my previous surgeries which did not help and now after this last accident, you, above all other surgeons and doctors, responded with solutions that worked, combining the right epidural shots and the right medication and I really appreciate it! I don’t know how to thank you but to just write you and express it.

Please don’t feel a need to respond to this email, I’m sure your just doing your job and I’m just one of many patients, but doctors like James Weiss did more talking than listening and was more worried about “covering his butt” than helping return my life back to me as well as trying to “sell” me another surgery. Most patience assume whatever their doctor says is what must be. I fell prey to that with Dr. Levine and was lead in the wrong direction. I feel lucky that to have met you and found an alternative to surgery. Over the phone, Dr. Levine, was telling me just last week that I will probably need another revision surgery to help my pain. Thank god, I decided to talk to you first.

Thanks for your kindness, compassion and great advice. I wish more injured people would consider pain management and conservative treatment before jumping into surgery.


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