Mary C.

Mary C.

Mary, an occupation project manager, had experienced pain in her right leg going down from her hip to ankle. It affected every aspect of her life, and she was not able to fully enjoy anything before her surgery.

“I was miserable and in pain all of the time,” Carney said. “It hurt to stand or walk, go up steps, even sitting down was very painful.”

Carney met with Dr. Sherlekar before her surgery and learned everything about how he could help her pain.  Within no time she underwent surgery, felt instant relief, and was able to proceed with her life free of most pain.

“It was a miracle to me,” said Carney. “In a matter of weeks I did not need a back brace anymore. Walking, sleeping, and all activities are so much better for me. I can enjoy my life so much more again.”

Carney also said she has referred many people to Dr. Sherlekar and would like to thank him and all of the surgical nurses and staff of American Spine.

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