Jon D.

Jon D.

"I've been a patient at Am Spine for several years now (and in Pain Mgmt for about 11 years since my first back surgery at 21 yrs old). Id like to take a few minutes and offer some praise for the 'unsung heroes' at American Spine Center.. the staff on the surgery center side! Of course the staff on the medical appointment side always has such grace and patience with us, at times, testy patients and usually always have a smile as well... but the minute you walk in the door you are always greeted very warmly, and that makes a great first impression. Leah always has everything in order, and any problems already resolved or in the process of being worked out for you - without having to ask. Having this - can really help lower the stress patients might have coming in (and right now... I am going thru a lot in my life so I appreciate the warm friendliness from the staff).

I had my 1st set of facet joint injections on T4-T7 on March 27th and my 2nd set just this past Friday. The staff are always engaging, willing to explain and educate me, and even won't hesitate to crack some jokes to get the patients laughing.. I have such horrid issues with medical procedures and anxiety, and its the same with needles - so this staffs efforts GREATLY helps me relax a bit before the procedures. While in the back during the procedure, I reallly appreciate hearing "ok next you will feel this, it will hurt but will last X many seconds and be done for a minute". This really helps me process what's going to happen next and brace myself for it.. and they will also interject candid or casual conversation into the mix to get my mind off the procedures.

Last Friday, as always, I informed them I'm a passer-outter and I can have reactions. And of course this time I hit that point where I was very close to going out.. BUT thanks to the amazing staff back there, they took PROMPT action to keep me talking, get the appropriate cold items on my neck/head I needed, and got me to stay awake. I actually don't remember a whole lot between feeling woozy and getting out to the triage area - but I just remembered they were working hard to make sure I was going to be ok and at NO point in time did I even have a slightest panic in my mind. That says alot!

I work for the federal government, am a secret shopper for several big name retailers and restaurants, and even own a side business selling items on ebay. Customer service is incredibly important to me AS is customer feedback - good and bad. How will someone know what they should do more or less of, if people ONLY complain! Also, I happen to be a male that's 6'2, 235, and has alot of tattoos.... I have literally had countless incidents with other doctors / staff at practices or hospitals where Im basically told to "man up" to I guess what their standards are for what type of pain or panic a "man is allowed to have" and basically my issues, fears, concerns, etc are just dismissed...

Sure, I'm scared out of my mind for the RF procedures I will be going under for in the next 2 months but knowing that staff is back there to help me - and knowing they are competent and compassionate........ really sets Am Spine apart!

Please feel free to call or email if any questions or comments. I just felt so strongly about this, I wanted to share my gratitude and hope the staff are recognized. The names and people I encountered on both days (and my apologies for forgetting certain names: Leah, Justin, Brandi, 2 shorter ladies that had x-ray protection gear on (might have been anesthesiologists?), and a taller nurse with dark rimmed glasses. Thank you to all of those staff, and anyone else I missed.

Jon D.

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