James H.

James H.


"I was never so pleased to have made my visit today 1/5/2015, at ASC of 1050 Key Parkway of Frederick MD. First most, Dr. Mike Yuan, M.D. Is a wonderful Dr. He, unlike others, is very Professional!!!  Friendly, Kind, Considerate, Very straight forward in his approach in how he is going to proceed. He never leaves you in the clouds over your recovery! Dr. Mike Yuan, M.D. Holds a Great level of respect for his patients and is also sure to answer all of your questions. Over all this Kind young man is "Awesome" - worth every minute waiting for. I would not care if I had to wait a month for him to see me! Even though I was in a lot of pain. 


I felt what better way to Thank you Good Sir, is to make it well known just how kind and accurate you are when dealing with your patient. I Am so looking forward to our next visit in 2 weeks. I now feel at great ease that my recovery will be soon coming and will be able to return back to working in near future. 


I hold strong confidence in this "Great Dr. Sir! Mike Yuan, M.D." Thank You Good Sir for helping me pull my life back together you are a great man... Also my kind feelings goes out to the staff members as well. Even though I was at my worst, they have been great in seeking better interests for me over my appointments and were very prompt with answers. Very kind and resourceful in every way.  I'm sorry I didn't see any names, as for part of my injuries have left me with some vision impairments. I will be sure to add your names upon my next visit on 1/20/15.  You ladies are very kind and pleasant - full of smiles in a cheerful atmosphere that I can feel when working with them over my scheduling. You can tell they enjoy the work they do and I love them very much for doing so for it does help when you're in pain that someone cares and listens to your pain. 


I have never been so blessed than to have found a "Top Notched Professional Medical Staff. Thank you Everyone that had made me feel like a person!  Your facility has blessed me in many ways."

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